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Language- Albaninan
pronunciation- Sto:lee
Meaning- Adornment, Ornament

About Doriana Rama
Founder and Owner of Stoli
After my son was born in 2013, I decided to work from home and be closer to him. I always loved esthetics and anything that made women feel better and I knew that the beauty industry was my real passion. Beautiful long eyelashes had always captured my attention. Every time i watched and old Hollywood film I would take notice or Audrey's simple yet chic style and makeup and Marilyn's captivating look and beautiful long eyelashes. I knew that eyelash enhancement was the key to glamming up your look. Such a small detail made such a significant difference. I decided to take a course in learning the foundations of eyelash enhancement; Classic Extensions were my first step to learn about eyelash extensions. I was absorbed in learning anything and everything about lashes! I started Stoli as soon as I finished my first training course. After 2 years of constant research and practice I decided to take everything I had studied and pour it into developing Stoli products. My mission is to bring you a new standard of eyelash extension tools; from high quality lash clash royale boom strips to in depth understanding and mentoring of Volume lash application.


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