Practice, practice, practice...

I am a slow learner 🀷.. In the beginning of my lashing career, I tried to finish full sets in 2 hrs or less, to impress my clients and my peers πŸ˜” Doing so, really stalled my progress with focus on details πŸ‘Ž It is the details that will separate the good lash techs from the GREAT lash techs 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟The aim is not to finish fast, but to do the job properly πŸ’― Inner corners and eye styling is something I still make a conscious effort to improve on a daily basis πŸŽ“ This is something I always say to my students as well : Being slow is better than being mediocre at your craft, you will get faster! The beauty of this job is that you keep getting better 🌱 and better ⚘and better 🌷 for as long as you keep PRACTICING and studying what you're doing

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